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Hosting & Server Security

Hosting & Server Security

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    Hosting & Server Security

    Whether it's a personal website with an occasional blog or a large global company, security is paramount. Security is probably the most important aspect of web hosting for everyone, and it should be, if not.

    • Registration of the Domain
    • 01 Let us walk you through the first step of the journey! Registration of the Domain

      The initial step is the domain registration through which you can make the online presence easily. We help you in selecting the domain name and extension that will be best suitable for the business and also help in taking premium domain and we have our individual domain registration panel.

    • Shared Hosting
    • 02 We provide you with Personal Hosting Shared Hosting

      If you are looking for the cheapest form of hosting, then this will be the best one in that case. The websites which does not have large number of visitors, they use them. There are three types of shared hosting which are Linux hosting, windows hosting and java hosting. The hosting can be chosen by the customer according to his wish.

    • Cloud Hosting​
    • 03 Explore the power of cloud at economical pricing Cloud Hosting​

      Cloud Hosting; typically shared cloud hosting is used by web applications hosting or web based software hosting for entry level. It can easily entertain small and mid level entity. It provides speed and security of cloud but cheaper than the dedicated cloud server. One can host any technology onto it.

      Our Cloud Hosting starts from as low as $30 per month.

    • Server Security
    • 04 Explore the power of cloud at economical pricing Server Security

      Shared web hosting is the cheap form of hosting and many of the websites who do not have visitors choose this for the purpose. The hosting can be selected as per the technology used in creating the website.

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